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Keoni K. Wright is an award winning experimental filmmaker adept at capturing the magical essence of people and places. As an artist, Keoni is heavily influenced by his experiences living in mystical jungle locales from Samoa to Suriname. 
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Written and directed by Keoni K. Wright, the short film "ReleaseD" highlights six women of Afro-Surinamese descent who passionately express themselves through the traditional performance arts, martial arts, and visual arts. Their modes of creative self-expression contradict the original intent of the colonizers who brought Africans to Suriname’s shores centuries ago. The film's depictions of strength, independence, and liberation directly counter the portraits of enslaved persons from Suriname that were distributed throughout Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries; fueling stereotypes that linger still today. 


"ReleaseD" was nominated for Virginia Tech University’s Virginia Dares Cinematic Arts Awards for DECOLONIZING Film and Media The Virginia Dares Project is a collaboration between faculty and students in Virginia Tech’s School of Performing Arts, the American Indian Studies program, and the School of Visual Arts. These awards are open to artists, activists, students, and educators worldwide.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Kultura Con - 2021
"Moto Mukti"
SEMI-FINALIST - Vinilonga - Int. Short F
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Following a lengthy battle with testicular cancer, filmmaker Keoni K. Wright finds spiritual inspiration in the dirt bike rider patrolling his Brooklyn neighborhood. "Moto Mukti" is a metaphorical ride through the main streets and back roads of a mind and body seeking balance. Camera and editing by Aquil Huggins (aka Odd Native).



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"Aboma! Aboma!"

A mysterious Surinamese snake-man takes a crack documentary film crew into the extended Amazon rainforest to search for the elusive Queen of the Jungle - the Anaconda. Written and directed by Keoni K. Wright, “Aboma! Aboma!” was filmed entirely in Suriname and is currently in the final phases of post-production. 

"When Questions Linger"

Anuar confronts the last thirteen years of his life over the course of a one-day film shoot. From being forcibly taken from his home at the age of fifteen and enrolled in a controversial boarding school, to coping with the fractured relationship between he and his mother, this raw film captures the essence of a soul on the mend. Written and directed by Keoni K. Wright. Camera and editing by Aquil Huggins (aka Odd Native). 

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